About me

As a young Architect, I'm looking for opportunities to share my experience, skills and knowledge within redevelopment or new development projects.

Recently I graduated for my master at the Technical University in Eindhoven (TU/e). I studied Architecture, Building and Planning and I'm specialized in Architecture. I've always been interested in the combination of technique and creativity.

Before my master I studied in Arnhem, at the HAN University, where I earned my bachelor's degree. This is where I mostly learnt the practical and technical side of the profession. I did three internships during this period. This gave me the experience I needed for a good base of practical and tactical knowledge.

During my education I was particularly interested in redevelopment projects. I have learnt to recognize existing values and to use them in the creation of new values.

Today I'm the owner of a company called "Stuurman Visualisatie en Ontwerp", translated as: Stuurman Visualization and Design. Stuurman Visualisatie en Ontwerp provides the proper support from the initiative phase to the design phase within the building process. Clear presentations, creative skills and technical expertise are used for the development of the design.